Which meditation technique is right for you?

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Meditation is a practice that can be done numerous different ways, and each technique affects the brain and body differently. With so much conflicting information, how can you know what the most effective meditation technique is for your specific circumstances? Many schools have standardized approaches to how and what is being taught. But you’re uniquely you, and your circumstances are yours alone. The survey below will ask you to reflect on specific personality traits and habits you have, to help identify the right practices for you right now.


  1. Give yourself about 15 minutes to focus and complete the survey.

  2. Avoid leaving neutral answers.

  3. Answer as honestly as possible, even if you don’t like the answer.

Name *
How will meditation serve you? *
Please check the box(es) below that best describe what you want from your new or deepened meditation practice.
Personality Survey *
Personality Survey
Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible.
I obsess over what others are doing.
I feel comfortable keeping secrets and telling "white lies."
I have trouble admitting when I'm wrong, and find myself blaming others for my behavior (ex. "Sure I'm not perfect, but well, they started it!" or "They pushed me past my limit.")
I struggle to manage my time well.
My relationships feel positive and supportive.
My long-term friends know that I have a tendency to "ghost" someone who I get into a fight with.
I can comfortably let an uncomfortable situation diffuse before demanding resolution.
I feel patient and calm when driving, even in traffic.
My friends would describe me as forgiving and respectful.
I have a tendency to jump to conclusions. get triggered, or reactive.
My confidence seems to be based on money, appearance, success, impressive associations, or access to resources.
I feel like my life is meaningful and fulfilling.
My worldview is open, but grounded in reality.
I often find myself irritable, frustrated, or impatient.
My relationship with food is problematic.
I have a serious spiritual practice that keeps me accountable.
Past Meditation Experience *
Please check the boxes below to indicate which meditation techniques you have experience with.
Using the space below, briefly describe what you liked about your past experiences in meditation.
Using the space below, briefly describe what you disliked about your past experiences in meditation.
Based on your current lifestyle, which approach to meditation resonates most?

Please note that the Meditation Prescription you will receive based on your answers to this survey is 100% custom and personalized. You will be contacted by a member of our team with an email prescribing meditation exercises, techniques, and resources selected specifically for you based on the information provided. Please allow 24-72 hours to receive your report - totally free.