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"Depression can be a sacred initiation into the journey of enlightenment” reads the new book by Marianne Williamson, Tears to Triumph, The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment.

If you’ve ever heard her speak live, this book follows a familiar rhythm. Williamson teaches from personal experience and relevant mainstream knowledge, making her relatable and understandable. In Tears to Triumph, she processes the issue of emotional, spiritual, and psychological suffering through the wisdom of various religious traditions – including, but not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and A Course in Miracles. Rediscovering these universal spiritual themes, Williamson provides an intelligent, open, practical look at surviving and transcending our personal and collective suffering.

As we’ve come to expect from her, Marianne Williamson addresses the elephant in the room – a few of them, actually. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE IN LA YOGA MAGAZINE

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