Counter-cultural icon, Daniel Pinchbeck, known for his controversial views on the shamanic and medicinal use of psychedelics, brings us what appears to be a personal messianic manifesto, his new book How Soon is Now. With a preface by living musical and philanthropic legend, Sting, and an introduction by actor and Transcendental Meditation poster boy, Russell Brand, Pinchbeck’s latest book is poised to be a guaranteed commercial success.

Pinchbeck calls for a “planetary initiation,” in which all people of the world (or at least a critical mass), must come to a collective understanding of the immense proportions of the challenges we face. In a surprisingly thorough outline, we journey through what Pinchbeck believes to be the primary concerns of our time – including climate change, sex, religion, farming, money, and energy. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL REVIEW IN LA YOGA MAGAZINE